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Buy Back World was founded by Steve Francess and Andreas Leptourgos in 2009 and they believe their company is the result of two major world changing events, the landing of the internet and the credit crisis. These two contributing factors have produced a company that helps people earn extra cash with the ease of doing it all from your computer. They like to think of themselves as an ‘evolutionary revolution’ – where reUse and reCommerce play vital roles.

The inspiration for the idea of paying consumers and businesses cash for their old technology came several years prior to that, however, as Steve and Andreas took notice of the growing over-abundance of electronic devices sitting idle in homes and offices across the country. They realized that a second life could be given to many of these idle devices and that the current marketplace in the US lacked an easy-to-use, reliable platform that offered users fair cash incentives for their old technology.  They also realized the important need to keep obsolete electronics out of landfills through responsible recycling as the issue of electronic waste had been a growing problem in a society that was constantly updating its technology.  

The service provided from Buy Back World includes free shipping and shipping bag, 30 day offer protection, full data wipe, online order status available 24/7, immediate FedEx prepaid labels, valuations for broken and damaged phones and a high payouts. Payment are made via check and PayPal. If you choose to be paid by PayPal then your payment could be with you within 2 days upon receipt.

Common Misspellings

Common misspellings of Buy Back World include: Buyback World, Buy Bak World.

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1 day
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c/o Dreven Holdings LLC
105 E. 34th Street, Box 166
New York
New York


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