What is CompareAndRecycle.com ?

CompareAndRecycle.com is an exciting new concept in social networking which revolves around YOU making and saving money for YOURSELF, YOUR COMMUNITY and YOUR FRIENDS whilst thinking of new ways to become environmentally aware.

It has been established to support the growing industry that is evolving around the UK's recyclables and it invites your feedback and involvement whilst encouraging sharing of ideas with friends and even with trade merchants.

As technological advancement forces the rapid turnover of electronics and communications equipment, the recycle values continue to grow.

At Compare and Recycle we attempt to assimilate as much information as we can gather for our users on the various offerings available and we then display the information in sortable columns and tables that make it easy for you to assess the deal that is best for you.

This service is completely free to users as it is supported and financed by the merchants that promote their services on the site.

Compare and Recycle display a broad range of services ranging from small companies you may never have heard of, to massive national brands with whom you may already be familiar. Most of these companies receive a star rating from us based upon their level of contribution to the site and other important factors explained in our How It Works article.

In particular, to keep this site free to users, we partner with and promote a number of select, recommended high-quality recyclers who have all signed up to our user forum and who work with us to give users high standards of service . This also gives less well known companies the chance to compete against large national advertisers who because of their high overheads don't always offer the best prices and therefore it helps users get more money overall.

If you use this website, please do not hesitate to provide any useful feedback you may have on our forum and in the unlikely event that you encounter a hitch that cannot be resolved through the merchant's normal channels, please feel free to let our forum know. The merchant will then have the opportunity to reply publicly. We find that this usually resolves any issues.

It is our intention that the Compare and Recycle site will evolve into a highly informative and safe to use environment that you can share with your friends. We have provided both public and private environments for you to share your experiences and suggest ideas.

Our topical blogs offer friendly comment, up-to-date news and a host of new and up-coming features and great ideas on how you can make extra money from recycling transactions and trade-ins, along with money saving options, cash-back incentives and even a questions and answers section where you can to ask our team's advice on any issues you might have. We will always do our best to help or point you in the right direction.

Finally, we pledge that no matter how popular and widespread this site becomes, Compare and Recycle will always try to remain a FREE SERVICE to its users at the point of use.

Please JOIN us, please SHARE us and please ENJOY using and contributing.