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Sell Your Cell offers customers simple solutions for cell phone recycling and cell phone buybacks. Established in January 2004, the primary focus of the company was to provide customers with an easy method to selling cell phones. The cell phone buyback scheme swiftly became a reputable and a trusted service which which allowed Sell Your Cell to expand into other electronic areas.

With research, Sell Your Cell found that the virtual pile of abandoned phones was growing by 140 million units per year, a number that they believe will continue to rise. The answer was simply, offer customers a better option than disposing. Sell Your Cell answered the call to action and set out to provide consumers an avenue to be financially rewarded for proper cell phone disposal.

In order to maximize their impact, Sell Your Cell purchase a wide variety of cell-phones and with their huge database customers will have no trouble finding their cell. A data removal service is provided by Sell Your Cell free of charge. Sophisticated equipment will completely erase any personal and/or sensitive information from smart phones, and to prevent the use of forensic software.

Sell Your Cell will make cash offers for working cell phones, however, non-working cell phones will not be accepted. The shipping costs are all covered by Sell Your Cell. Once a customers order has been placed, Sell Your Cell will mail out a shipping kit. The shipping kit contains all the necessary utensils for customers to sending their cell, a pre-paid shipping label, shipping packaging and box. If customers wish, a printable pre-paid label may be obtained online for instant shipping if the customer would prefer to use their own packaging. Payment is made via check and issued within 30 days upon receipt of customers cell phones.

Sell Your Cell pride themselves on being environmentally supportive by increasing the life cycle of cell phones, thereby reducing the demand for new ones and keeping older ones out of landfills. Their customers receive a financial reward for doing the right thing for the environment.

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Common misspellings of Sell Your Cell include: SellYourCell.

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Accept Working
Accept Non-Working
Free Shipping
Free Shipping Bag
Estimated Payment Time
30 days
Bank Transfer

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5195 Hampsted Village Center Way Suite 127
New Albany
OH 43054
(614) 633-0422


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