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Simply Sellular is dedicated cell phone recycling company that is helping the environment by refusing to let any unwanted cell phones end up in landfills. Simply Sellular offer customers instant cash cell phone buyback solutions.

Shipping is provided by Simply Sellular at no additional cost to customers. Once an order has been placed, Simply Sellular will send a pre-paid shipping label and envelope. Payment is made by check and approximately sent within 10 days upon receipt of the cell phone.

Simply Sellular have an advanced database of cell phone brands and models which they endeavour to regularly update. The sophisticated software ensures the valuations are comparable and competitive in order to offer customers a great price. Simply Sellular are unfortunately unable to provided cash values for non-working cell phones but will however gladly recycle customers cell phones for free.

There are currently over 200 million surplus cell phones in the U.S. with that number expected to keep on rising. Simply Sellular believe no cell phone is "useless", in fact, every phone they receive is put to good purpose. The wide majority of cell phones received are reusable and any that aren't will be recycled responsible in accordance with current regulations.

Simply Sellular strive to provide the best customer service to all of their customers and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction at all times.

Common Misspellings

Common misspellings of Simply Sellular include: Simply Cellular, SimplySellular.

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14 days
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