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Top Dollar Mobile US is operated by GY Telecom INC. It's a part of a global group company, which has many years experience in the cell phone recycling industry in which they believe they are the leading force in the world of the cell phone recycling and re-use market.

With over 16 years of experience in the cell phone recycling sector, Top Dollar Mobile US have gone above and beyond to establish themselves as one of the markets leaders. They claim their extensive worldwide sales and distribution networking enables them to perform at the top of the market and the ability to offer the most competitive price for customers.

Top Dollar Mobile US aim to make payment within 5 days of receiving a cell phone and provide an array of payment methods including check and PayPal. Free shipping and shipping packaging is all included with your order which is sent out immediately so your cell phone can be recycled even quicker. Top Dollar Mobile US believe they not only pay top prices but also strive to deliver excellent customer service and prompt payments.

Top Dollar Mobile US also offer an easy approach broken and non-working cell phone recycling scheme. Meaning even if your sell phone is damaged or faulty Top Dollar will still make an offer.

Cell phones recycled with Top Dollar Mobile US are never thrown out. The wide majority of cell phones sold to this merchant are refurbished to high standards and re-used in third world countries who's technologies have not quite meet the standards of those in America. Any phones which Top Dollar Mobile US believe are to badly damaged or to old to be re-used are recycled responsibly and never end up in landfills.

Common Misspellings

Common misspellings of Top Dollar Mobile include: TopDollarMobile, Top Doller Mobile.

Feature Summary

Accept Working
Accept Non-Working
Free Shipping
Free Shipping Bag
Estimated Payment Time
5 days
Bank Transfer

Contact Details

Top Dollar Mobile
1201 Brickell Avenue
Suite 450B
FL 33131
305 358 0245


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