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Trade In Spot is part of the Unified Group founded in 2002 offering creative wireless industry solutions. Over the past decade, their inside knowledge of the electronics market has allowed them to grow significantly in size and scope, making the jump into the cell phone recycling industry. With the expertise, experience and machinery all in place, Trade In Spot believe they have the ability to process a limitless number of used electronic devices, whilst offering customers a competitive price.

Whilst providing a cell phone buyback service, Trade In Spot also have green ambitions. They promise that 100% of all gadgets and cell phones sold to them find new homes or if they are unable to be re-used, then Trade In Spot will always recycle responsibly.

TradeInSpot believes in rewarding the customer to trade in cell phones and gadgets. They make the cell phone buyback process simple, quick and worth while. All shipping costs are free, simply request a postage paid pack or for even quicker payment, print a pre-paid label and send it immediately.

With customer care being a major part of the Trade In Spot experience, they are committed to ensuring a consistently smooth and positive customer experience. Trade In Spot never allow any personal information stored on your cell phone to be revealed. Keeping with regulations, all data stored on your cell phone is wiped before refurbishing and reusing. Trade In Spot also offer optional payment methods to suit consumer needs, via PayPal or check. Payment is usually issued within 5 working days of them receiving the handset.

Common Misspellings

Common misspellings of Trad In Spot include: Trading Spot, Trade-in-spot, Tradeinspot.

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Free Shipping
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Estimated Payment Time
5 days
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600 Heathrow Dr.
IL 60069


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