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You Renew is a cell phone buyback specialist who provides customers with quick cell phone recycling methods. Founded in 2008, the vision was clear; to offer customers a simple, responsible outlet for used gadgets which allowed customers to get paid for unwanted devices.

The founders, Bob Casey and Rich Littlehale met as classmates at Yale University and during a conference on sustainability, Bob attended he began thinking about how many cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets are cast aside each year. Realizing that many individuals throughout the USA where merely disposing of devices via generic landfill waste. The intervention that came next was naturally, what if there was a hassle-free way for consumers to responsibly sell their used devices - a way to pay gadget-lovers for their old items, while keeping electronics from ending up in the trash? And what if those devices could be refurbished and reused by new owners? Within a few weeks, You Renew had been formed, allowing anyone to get paid to recycle cell phones.

There is no limit to how many cell phones may be sold in any one transaction, You Renew believe the more customers have to sell, the more cash customers can be make. You Renew determine the value of devices by using technologies which utilizes market data and check sources to find the true value of customer items.

Shipping costs are courtesy of You Renew. Customers may obtain a pre-paid UPS shipping label to affix to any packaging of their choice. Payment is made by Check and sent via USPS and is issued in an estimated 3 days. You Renew will only make cash offers for working cell phones, unfortunately non-working devices are not accepted.

Since the launch of You, hundreds of thousands of items have been processed and the company has expanded into a variety of other electronic categories including devices such as tablets, mp3 players, laptops, and much more.

Common Misspellings

Common misspellings of You Renew include: You Renew, U Renew, YouRenew.

Feature Summary

Accept Working
Accept Non-Working
Free Shipping
Free Shipping Bag
Estimated Payment Time
3 days
Bank Transfer

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129 Church Street
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New Haven
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